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FLL Theme 2017-2018: Hydrodynamics



Are your crops getting the correct amount of water?

Problem Statement

Today, there are over 570 million farms in the world. USDA and Spectrum says that 70% of the world’s fresh water is used by agriculture. In 2016, over 2 million farms in the US used over 80% of US fresh water. Interviewed farmers have said that they have difficulty accurately assessing how much water is needed to irrigate their crops. Without this info they choose to use the “Maximum Safe Use” amount of water for each crop. In general this level is much higher than actual need. If farmers could save 1% of the freshwater typically used for irrigation, that would amount to 1,150,000,000 gallons of water per day available for other purposes.


Our solution to help farmers accurately irrigate is the G.L.I.D.E. Each morning before the farmer wakes up, the agriculture drone Field Hawk flies an autonomous pre-programmed path using GPS and collects data using an attached agricultural probe. The drone also records pictures with the high-res and infrared camera. After the data is collected the drone returns to its charging station and downloads the data to a computer system which can optionally be used to adjust the irrigation system.


We chose to use the agriculture drone Precision Field Hawk. Before the farmer wakes up, the Field Hawk flies from its charging station and takes infrared pictures with the built in camera. We added the Raspberry Pi Soil Probe to the drone, which lands and senses the water content in multiple spots in different fields. We used the Field Hawk drone because it is sturdy and affordable compared to other drones. When the proper data is collected the drone flies back and returns to its charging station. Then it transmits its collected data to the farmer’s computer system. The data retrieved from the probes shows how much water the crops already have. Using this data the farmer determines the amount of water needed to irrigate the individual fields based on their individual needs. The data can also be transferred to a water irrigation system which automatically irrigates for the farmer.

Watering done just right!



G.L.I.D.E Video - 2018 Project


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