We have found most textbooks are heavy thus our backpacks are too heavy. More importantly, a lot of textbooks are boring! At times, the text does not make sense; we do not feel we are learning the material as well as we should. We have come up with a solution that will help reduce the overall number of pages in each textbook, but also engages the students in the learning process, utilizing various styles of learning. When combining multiple forms of teaching and learning, the student will retain and understand the material better and earn higher grades. Some of these learning styles are: visual, verbal, rote, kinesthetic, tactile and linguistic, to name a few. With our innovation, we are able to utilize most of these methods. We've talked to numerous people who agree this is great idea, so are looking to find a publisher to help realize our idea.


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How do flying airplanes
disperse lightning and electricity?

Many airplanes have aluminum conductors that ground the electricity. A modern Boeing airplane has a graphite composite made out of a lightweight carbon, fiberglass, and cloth on both sides with resin chemicals which they make strong multiple layers on the airplane. Conductive metal skins keeps lightning away from the interior of the plane. For example, the Boeing 787 uses a composite material that covers the Faraday cage that draws the lighting away. There is a special grounding strip throughout the airplane that directs the lightning to the ground.

When the outside of an airplane is hit by a bolt of lightning, the current will travel through the metal shell of the airplane, and exit out of the plane.

On an airplane there is a static wick, which is a piece of metal that is connected electrically to the frame. These wicks are incased in a fiberglass rod to insulate it from the plane. This helps built up static electricity pass through the outside of the plane instead of inside the airplane.

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The fuselage is the main body of an aircraft and his made mainly of carbon fiber. Fuselage surfaces are sometimes embedded with copper and nickel meshes. Composite material, a part of the fuselage, with no embedded metal, shows damage after being hit by lightning.

The aluminum hull outside of the airplane has no cracks so the lightning can not get into the airplane. When the outside of the airplane is hit by a bolt of lightning, usually at the wing tips or the nose, the current will travel through the metal shell of the airplane, and the exit out of the plane towards the ground.

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